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About Us

When you are looking for professional advice you want to find a company thats approachable, who speaks your language and gives you straight-forward answers. That’s what we do!


Personal Involvement – Dedication.

We take a close-up and personal interest in the success of each and every one of our customers. The cornerstone of each customer relationship is trust. We establish and maintain that trust and we assure the highest quality of service possible.

M. Marnerou & Co. Ltd. is a leading Accountancy and Auditing Company based in Cyprus specialising in bookkeeping, finance, taxation, business consulting and much more. M. Marnerou & Co. Ltd. innovative business solutions give a competitive advantage, letting the clients focus on their core activities. Together with our dedicated and experienced team of professionals, we continue to strive in delivering the very best services to suit each and every customer.

Through hard work, dedication and investment we have reached the forefront of the accountancy profession in Cyprus because we have consistently helped our clients to manage and overcome the issues they are facing today, as well as anticipating the challenges they will face tomorrow.

We help and work with our customers through our service groups and industry-focused teams. We can provide you with assurance of your financial position, help you improve your financial performance, ensure you comply with your legal obligations and we can also help you to manage your personal wealth.


Such attention to detail has seen us increase and expand our
client base, enhance our profile on a global scale and attract
businesses from all over the world.

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  • “Truly a great team. Highly motivated, experienced and focussed on delivering a
    great service. No wonder they’re one of the most respected providers in Cyprus.”

    Aaron Rose, Director, Great Wolf Design Ltd.

  • “When selecting our auditing company, we focused on the company’s reputation, service quality
    and level of expertise. For us, M. Marnerou have proved to be the right choice.

    Prohvatilova Olga, Director, Minosen Technologies Ltd.

  • “I bow to all staff at M. Marnerou & Co. for their understanding, professionalism, competence,
    patience and tact. They are specialists of high grade with a personal touch and attention to detail.”

    Sergei Avakov, Attorney, Fragornero Holdings Ltd.